Control and quality

Thanks to efficient measuring instruments and always in step with the times, we are able to carry out the first check of the mechanical parts on the machine. For more complex measurements, we have a metrological room at a constant temperature managed by our testing manager, who has all the machinery available to perform an accurate and complete check. In this way, we are able to guarantee high quality standards of production and control of the same, in every phase of product processing.

Our measrurement instruments:

  • N. 1 Mitutoyo three-dimensional machine

  • N. 2 TE.SA altimeters

  • N. 2 Mitutoyo altimeters

  • N. 1 Mitutoyo roughness

  • N. 1 Durometer

  • Tools presetting

  • All standard tools such as bore gauges, micrometers, gauges, groove comparators. During 2015, F.lli Galli 2 SRL obtained the certification of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 corporate system with the TUV south of Bologna.

Macchinari per il controllo qualità