We are able to support any customer need, with the study of the project and the choice of the material.


Thanks to the collaboration of certified companies we are able to manage all the treatments required by the project (tempring, burning, toothing, zinc plating, etc.) With our equipped benches we are able to perform different final mechanical assemblies.


Thanks to our tooling department we can quickly build the equipment, counting start-up costs and reducing delivery times. Structured to deal with small, medium and large production lots, we are also able to process a single piece at the request of the customer.


Available warehouses for material storage, including the finished materials department fully air-conditioned / heated. With our vehicle we can deliver the material quickly and in any location.

Winning synergy

Thanks to the presence of highly specialized personnel, F.lli Galli 2 provides high quality services in the field of mechanical processing. In recent years we have consolidated a relationship of collaboration with local partners; specializing in machining with 5-axis centers, cutting-edge laser cutting systems and turning and milling for parts over 1400mm in size. Strong and young realities are making this synergy increasingly successful; creating new and interesting opportunities, attracting the interest of new customers belonging to different sectors with different needs.


Some of our finished products

  • Prototypes

  • Collar

  • Compressor

  • Planet Carrier

  • Differential Housing

  • Sprocket

  • Planet Housing

  • Piston

  • Bearing

  • Flange